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Tonight I've got a work-in-progress to share. I've just finished the last sculpture I was working on (more on that in another journal entry, after I've taken some decent photos), so it's time to start thinking of other projects. The problem is, I'm always thinking of other projects. Often I've got so many different projects going on at the same time that a few of them slip between the cracks for a while. But I eventually return to finish them. Most of them, anyway.

One such project I began last October, a sculpture of Cernunnos. He's the horned god figure from Celtic mythology. There are very few existing artifacts that feature him and there's very little really known about him. This makes him exactly the sort of subject I love, since there's a lot of room left for interpretation. Normally he's depicted as a man with the antlers of a stag, but I like the idea of giving him a stag's head along with the antlers. He'll have a human body, and I envision him seated in a gnarled tree.

I began sculpting the head back in October, then worked on it a little more back in January. What you see here is as far as I got. It's been sitting patiently in my studio since then. I'm sharing it now in hopes that it will keep me honest and on task, because I'd like to finish him!

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