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Argle Bargle, Part 2!

I went back and painted a second, darker version of the Shoggoth Snowman. No one told him snow is supposed to be white ...



Argle Bargle!

Between the branches of every Christmas Tree there is a spot that cannot be filled with pretty glass, Santa Claus, or tinsel. In that space, that terrible place, only "shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light" will do. Shoggoths love Christmas. This one found a hat and a carrot, likely dropped by someone running for his life, and has taken the shape of a snowman as best it can.

The Shoggoth Snowman is a new ornament for this year's holiday season. You can find him in the Etsy shop here.



Christmas Ornaments

It's October! Which means I am already behind on all of my Halloween projects. The felted pumpkins class at the local library begins this Wednesday, so we're packing up supply kits for students and felting up a couple more demo pumpkins. In the meantime, I started working on Christmas ornaments a little bit. If I don't start them now, it'll be December before I know it and I'll be REALLY behind.

I made a better mold of last year's bas-relief style Santa Cthulhu, and started pouring a few of them in Ultracal. Last year I used the mold as a push-mold for polymer clay so I could touch up each one before baking. This year I figured it'd just be smarter to touch up the original and make a better quality mold, then pour casts. These were the first few, they look pretty good! Now they're just waiting for painting.

Then I started working on another original. I love making the Cthulhu Snowmen ornaments, but they are so time consuming. I might make a few more of them (I have a plate ful of half-finished ones already) but for the most part I'm going to retire them in favor of the bas-relief style ornaments. Here's the snowman original I am working on. Once it's done, I'll bake the polymer clay, make a mold, and start casting! I use latex for my molds, so the mold-making process will take several days. But once it's done, it's good for quite a few casts before the quality even begins to deteriorate.


My Cthulhu Obsession

I don't think I can explain it. I like sculpting silly Cthulhu objects. It started with the Santa Cthulhus that Brian and I make around Christmas-time and escalated from there. Last winter I began making small Snowman Cthulhu ornaments like the ones shown here. I sold them on Etsy and people must have really liked them because I couldn't make them fast enough. They were fast and fun to sculpt so I just ran with it.

For anyone not familiar with Cthulhu, he's one of H. P. Lovecraft's creations. A character mentioned in several of Lovecraft's short stories, Cthulhu is a malevolent, powerful, gigantic entity trapped beneath the ocean. One of the Great Old Ones, he is usually depicted as a scaly sort of humanoid figure with rudimentary wings and a squid or octupus for a head. In sci-fi/fantasy/horror circles, Cthulhu has become a facetious synonym for anything horrific. Making him cute is something done by many artists. You could accuse me of jumping on the Cute-Cthulhu Bandwagon, and I can't really argue. But it amuses me no end, so (with apologies to Mr. Lovecraft) I keep doing it. This spring I even started making Cthulhu Easter Bunnies. Come on, he looks good in pink!