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Painted Cthupids

We started painting the Cthupid ornaments. I couldn't decide on colors, so I tried several. Here are three of mine, Brian is still working on his own ideas so I'll post his once he has one finished. These three are up for sale in the Etsy shop.

First I made a red one, thinking of Valentine's Day.

Then I made a green one, because I like green Cthulhus.Brian had the idea to make one that looked like stone. I thought I could do that with the airbrush, so I painted his idea on this one.


Shoggoth Eyes

Brian decided he wanted glass eyes (instead of felted eyes) for the Shoggoth that will be pulling Santa Cthulhu's sleigh. At first, we looked up taxidermy glass animal eyes. They are definitely very cool, but also very expensive. Since the shoggoth is meant to have LOTS of eyes, all over its body, we could easily have sunk $100 in glass eyes into it. I figured there had to be a way I could make them myself. So here's a quick tutorial on my homemade glass eyes!

 Supplies! Pearlescent paint and fluorescent paint, clear glass cabochons, and tiny paint brushes.

We decided to use toad eyes as inspiration for the shoggoth eyes, and we wanted them to be an unnatural green color, to match the protoplasmic bubbles Brian has already felted on the Shoggoth's back. To begin, I painted the pupil of the eye in the center of the back of the cabochon with plain black acrylic.

Then I painted lots of squiggly black lines in the iris of the eye, and gave it a solid black ring around the edge of the eye.

I mixed some of the fluorescent yellow with the bronze paint, so the eye would look a little metallic. The fluorescent paint will make it glow under a blacklight. I painted the yellow in a small ring around the edge of the pupil.

I mixed some of the blue fluorescent paint in with the yellow/bronze mix to make it bright green. I painted this over the rest of the back of the cabochon. After this dried, I painted the whole back of the cabochon over with black, to give a solid background to the more translucent paint.

Let it dry, flip it over, and voila! Glass shoggoth eye!

I popped one into the shoggoth, I think they'll look pretty cool in the end! We'll probably glue them in place and then felt eyelids up around them a bit.