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Red Blood Cell Ornament

Because everyone needs a Christmas tree covered in blood, right? Multiple sizes will soon be available for sale in the Etsy Shop ... get your anisocytosis here!


Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament

The mold for the snowman ornament turned out well, I just tried pouring the first cast of it today. Moving right along, up next is the flying spaghetti monster! I gave him a santa hat and tried to make his spaghetti look like the curls of Santa's beard. Now I have to make the mold for this one, and then we'll see how a cast looks painted. Right now all the parts of him seem to blur together, to my eyes. But once I've got one painted it should look better. I hope.


Christmas Ornaments

It's October! Which means I am already behind on all of my Halloween projects. The felted pumpkins class at the local library begins this Wednesday, so we're packing up supply kits for students and felting up a couple more demo pumpkins. In the meantime, I started working on Christmas ornaments a little bit. If I don't start them now, it'll be December before I know it and I'll be REALLY behind.

I made a better mold of last year's bas-relief style Santa Cthulhu, and started pouring a few of them in Ultracal. Last year I used the mold as a push-mold for polymer clay so I could touch up each one before baking. This year I figured it'd just be smarter to touch up the original and make a better quality mold, then pour casts. These were the first few, they look pretty good! Now they're just waiting for painting.

Then I started working on another original. I love making the Cthulhu Snowmen ornaments, but they are so time consuming. I might make a few more of them (I have a plate ful of half-finished ones already) but for the most part I'm going to retire them in favor of the bas-relief style ornaments. Here's the snowman original I am working on. Once it's done, I'll bake the polymer clay, make a mold, and start casting! I use latex for my molds, so the mold-making process will take several days. But once it's done, it's good for quite a few casts before the quality even begins to deteriorate.


Santa Cthulhu Ornament

I've had so many requests for Christmas Cthulhu items this year that I'm having a hard time keeping up! But here's a new one that I've made. I sculpted the original in polymer clay, made a latex mold with an epoxy clay backup mold, and then used polymer clay again to make a few push-casts. Each one is hand-painted, and I'm selling them on Etsy for a very reasonable price. Happy holidays!



My latest Holiday Cthulhu, just in time for Halloween! Waiting for the Great Pumpkin has never been so horrifying. Linus' soft chanting has paid off this year ... woe be to Lucy and all who doubted him. The Cthulh-o-Lantern is available for sale in my Etsy shop. Get him while you can, I only made one!


My Cthulhu Obsession

I don't think I can explain it. I like sculpting silly Cthulhu objects. It started with the Santa Cthulhus that Brian and I make around Christmas-time and escalated from there. Last winter I began making small Snowman Cthulhu ornaments like the ones shown here. I sold them on Etsy and people must have really liked them because I couldn't make them fast enough. They were fast and fun to sculpt so I just ran with it.

For anyone not familiar with Cthulhu, he's one of H. P. Lovecraft's creations. A character mentioned in several of Lovecraft's short stories, Cthulhu is a malevolent, powerful, gigantic entity trapped beneath the ocean. One of the Great Old Ones, he is usually depicted as a scaly sort of humanoid figure with rudimentary wings and a squid or octupus for a head. In sci-fi/fantasy/horror circles, Cthulhu has become a facetious synonym for anything horrific. Making him cute is something done by many artists. You could accuse me of jumping on the Cute-Cthulhu Bandwagon, and I can't really argue. But it amuses me no end, so (with apologies to Mr. Lovecraft) I keep doing it. This spring I even started making Cthulhu Easter Bunnies. Come on, he looks good in pink!