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Argle Bargle, Part 2!

I went back and painted a second, darker version of the Shoggoth Snowman. No one told him snow is supposed to be white ...



Argle Bargle!

Between the branches of every Christmas Tree there is a spot that cannot be filled with pretty glass, Santa Claus, or tinsel. In that space, that terrible place, only "shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light" will do. Shoggoths love Christmas. This one found a hat and a carrot, likely dropped by someone running for his life, and has taken the shape of a snowman as best it can.

The Shoggoth Snowman is a new ornament for this year's holiday season. You can find him in the Etsy shop here.



Red Blood Cell Ornament

Because everyone needs a Christmas tree covered in blood, right? Multiple sizes will soon be available for sale in the Etsy Shop ... get your anisocytosis here!


Pysanky Fabric

I wandered over to Spoonflower last week and saw that the theme of one of their upcoming fabric design contests is 'painted eggs.' I couldn't help it. I had to create something for it! Here is my design, based on traditional Ukrainian pysanky. You can find it on the Spoonflower website here.


Santa Cthulhu, NOW with Genuine Flaming City! 

Last night after we posted the Santa Cthulhu, Brian couldn't help but think something was still missing. Today he sat down and felted a little city to go in the fireplace, with buildings that are burning and collapsing. Yours at no added cost, genuine flaming city! :)


2012 Needle Felted Santa Cthulhu

He's done! This year's Santa Cthulhu is finished and posted for sale in the Etsy shop. If you haven't been following along, here's the story ...

In 2007, Brian and I made our first needle felted Santa Cthulhu around Christmastime. It was so much fun we had to make another in 2008, and again in 2009. In 2010 I branched away a bit and made an epoxy clay Cthulhu Elf on my lonesome, but it just wasn't the same. The needle felted ones are much more fun. And it's always better when Brian and I get to work on a project together!

Last year we started another felt Santa Cthulhu, but then Brian was in a tragic garage accident that left him with a broken hand. With him being unable to felt, we put last year's Santa on hold. We dug it out again this year and now Santa's finally done! This is our 4th needle felted Santa Cthulhu. He's got a fireplace, stockings, a plate of cookies, a dead trout and a live moray eel to leave as stocking stuffers ... all needle felted from wool. See the Etsy listing or the page in the Thirdroar gallery for more details, meanwhile I'll just post a heap of photos here!



Holiday Coupon!

Etsy has a fancy new coupon system, so I figured I'd take it for a spin. Starting now and finishing at the end of Monday (11-28), you can get 10% off any purchase in my Etsy shop if you use this coupon code at checkout:


Get your Christmas Cthulhus while they last! :)



Santa Cthulhu Ornament

I've had so many requests for Christmas Cthulhu items this year that I'm having a hard time keeping up! But here's a new one that I've made. I sculpted the original in polymer clay, made a latex mold with an epoxy clay backup mold, and then used polymer clay again to make a few push-casts. Each one is hand-painted, and I'm selling them on Etsy for a very reasonable price. Happy holidays!


My Cthulhu Obsession

I don't think I can explain it. I like sculpting silly Cthulhu objects. It started with the Santa Cthulhus that Brian and I make around Christmas-time and escalated from there. Last winter I began making small Snowman Cthulhu ornaments like the ones shown here. I sold them on Etsy and people must have really liked them because I couldn't make them fast enough. They were fast and fun to sculpt so I just ran with it.

For anyone not familiar with Cthulhu, he's one of H. P. Lovecraft's creations. A character mentioned in several of Lovecraft's short stories, Cthulhu is a malevolent, powerful, gigantic entity trapped beneath the ocean. One of the Great Old Ones, he is usually depicted as a scaly sort of humanoid figure with rudimentary wings and a squid or octupus for a head. In sci-fi/fantasy/horror circles, Cthulhu has become a facetious synonym for anything horrific. Making him cute is something done by many artists. You could accuse me of jumping on the Cute-Cthulhu Bandwagon, and I can't really argue. But it amuses me no end, so (with apologies to Mr. Lovecraft) I keep doing it. This spring I even started making Cthulhu Easter Bunnies. Come on, he looks good in pink!