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Dragon Bust

This winter, I had an urge to go back and sculpt another dragon bust (my last one was back in 2005, you can find it in the gallery here). Here is the end result! I do have lots of WIP photos that I will compile and put in a separate entry, but for now here is the finished piece. It is polymer clay and epoxy clay over a wire and foil armature, on a wooden base, painted in acrylic. It is 11.5 inches tall. The eyes are glass cabochons that I also painted. Thanks for looking!



Needle Felting Classes

I've finally finished editing and posting several of my needle felting classes for sale on Etsy as PDF downloads. Click on the images below to go to the class listing for that project.

Baby Dragons Class

Bunnies Class

Easter Eggs Class

Chicks Class

Pumpkin Faces Class


Digital Art

A previous incarnation of my website had a few examples of my digital art. I was only just learning how to use Painter back in 2005, and then I went back to school for my MLS degree so my time for digital doodling dropped off sharply. I haven't gone back to do a whole lot with it since then, so I didn't create a digital art sub-category in my gallery here on the new website. I imagine my copy of Painter 8 is now a dinosaur compared to the latest and greatest software out there. At any rate, I've had a couple of people ask where some things went so I figured I'd return some of my digital art to the website via a journal post. It's quite a mish-mash, but here you go!

Hugin and Munin 

The Birthday Song Nervous Cow The River Guardian The Robot Knight