Geek Art Blog

Oooh! I found another geek art blog, this is a French one but the posts are also written in English. Not that it matters much, the focus is the art. Yay! More geekery! I added the link to my 'Cool Stuff' section at the right, too. :)


Fungal Christmas Art

I know this is the wrong time of year for Christmas art, and (as usual) I'm about three years behind on the trending links, but this is too cool not to share. Fungal culture Christmas tree! The geek in me just went "Squeeee!"


Plush Jon Snow and Ghost

Yep, I'm a big fan of the Game of Thrones TV series, too. It's got baby dragons in it, what's not to love? Game of Thrones inspired art was inevitable, and this has to be one of the best. It's a plush Jon Snow and Ghost by Mick Minogue. Love it. From the artist's own description:

A handmade personal plush inspired by the saddest character In the Game of Thrones series. Jon Snow the bastard son of House Stark and his trusty Direwolf 'Ghost'. This lonely plush doll comes with his own Valyrian steel sword 'Longclaw'. Ghost comes with his very own White Walker hand which he found out past the wall In the snowy snow. 

Lots more photos can be found here.


Pysanky Fabric

I wandered over to Spoonflower last week and saw that the theme of one of their upcoming fabric design contests is 'painted eggs.' I couldn't help it. I had to create something for it! Here is my design, based on traditional Ukrainian pysanky. You can find it on the Spoonflower website here.


Josh Ellingson - Simone and Cthulhu

I love it. :)

Simone and Cthulhu by Josh Ellingson


Cernunnos: Antlers

One antler sculpted!


NY Times

A recent NY Times article titled Why We Love Beautiful Things examines a bit of science behind good design. It's a good read, and it makes me want to paint a mural on my studio wall. :)


Face of the Earth Terrariums

Face of the Earth is an Etsy shop that sells (among other things) some intricate and amazing terrariums. My favorite is the Beetlejuice terrarium, pictured here. There's also a mini Bag-End and a Breaking Bad terrarium. Mini-ecosystems + pop culture geekery = awesome!


Cernunnos Gets a Body

Some progress on Cernunnos again. He's got most of a body now. The bulk of the body is wool needle felted over the wrapped wire armature. I think he looks so much better now than he did as a bare armature! Because he will be wearing somewhat bulky clothing, I don't need his body to be super detailed. I just need all the parts to be in roughly the right place, to fill out the clothing in a believable fashion. There's still a lot of hard sculpting left to do (hands, antlers, ears, neck), but I felt like changing gears for a while and this is what I accomplished.

I also had Brian take a photo of me working on him, to show the scale. This is probably the biggest art doll I've ever made. Most of them tend to top out around 18" to 20" tall or so. If Cernunnos was standing up straight, he'd be over 30" tall.


Wicked Awesome Lego Houses

I was never very good with legos as a kid. My older brother could build the most amazing things with them, but I never seemed to have the patience and planning skills to create intricate lego stuctures. I suppose that's why Mike Doyle's Victorian houses seem so stunning to me. Check them out!