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Specimen Jar, part II

I started this specimen jar ages ago, then got distracted by holiday cthulhu ornaments. In an attempt to clean off my desk, I went back and finished this one up. It began as an attempt to make a latex tentacle using a technique I read about here, which I found while browsing through Propnomicon. Once I had my tentacle, I had to attach it to something, so I gave it an eyeball. And some random spikes. Yes, okay, some of my projects aren't as heavy on the design and planning stages. It was an experiment, and it taught me a few things! I put it together in a bottle I picked up at an antique shop. I think it may have been an ink bottle in a former life, but I'm not really sure. Wax sealer, aging on the bottle, a label, and voila! Monopodidae ocularis is born. You can find this jar for sale at The Odd Luminary, the listing has lots more photos of it, too.

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