Brian East and I collaborate on so many art projects, I figured he'd better have a place of his own on the website. Despite the fact that he was asked to "pursue other interests" rather than continue playing trombone in his Elementary School band (he always had a few extra notes to play at the end of every song), he cannot escape his artistic foundations and finds himself compulsively creating in multiple media. Perhaps his most unusual medium was when he spent 20 years bringing lifelike, natural appearance and expressions to the dead as a professional embalmer. Now he works more conventionally, carving stone, bending willow, and working with me on needle felted projects. He's deceptively handsome and charming. He is also witty, but don't encourage him. Honest. This corner of my website is for Brian, it is his to edit and though I will check it from time to time to clarify blatant exaggerations and even litigous statements, I can only hope your sense of humor prevails.

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Mounted on petrified wood with epoxy clay feet and hand painted glass cabachons for eyes.